Friday, December 01, 2006

TMI time

Thanks to Dirk Mancuso (click his link over on the right), I have discovered TMI Tuesday. Everyone should check it out, five questions every Tuesday, the answers of which require the imparting of TMI. Genius. In what may become a regular feature on here, I am going to be answering some of their questions. This is number 50:

1. What's the longest you've ever gone without a shower? Almost a week. It was SO nasty but it wasn't my fault. At the start of the second year of university I was out at some club getting down with my bad self when my knee gave out. The tendons down the side of my kneecap snapped and pulled a small part of the kneecap out with it. I was laid up in bed for a week initially and by the time I was mobile enough to get my ass in the shower, I have NEVER been more grateful. I can't stand being dirty and it drove me crazy.

2. Do you use a q-tip? If so, how often? Every day after I shower, I clean out my ears.

3. Do you have any piercings, if so where? Any for sexual purposes? None at all. I have tried and failed to have a nose piercing three times and my ear was pierced once, which also ended in disaster and is actually tied to the knee catastrophe above. About a week before I was felled by the dodgy tendons, I got my ear pierced. In the ensuing horror of not being able to walk (or indeed wash) the regular caring for a new piercing was forgotten about. So of course, it got infected. The back of it was leaking some nasty gunk and I kept twisting it to free it up. In doing so, I pulled the stud INTO my ear and then IT GREW OVER. So my housemate, for I was too much of a pussy, had to take the back off the stud and then push the fucking thing out of my ear. After that, I swore never ever again. Ever.

4. Oral sex... give or receive? Well it's my favourite sex activity so I like to spend hours doing both.

5. Sex while on the period... ick? Sex that involves lady parts in any capacity is ick, thanks for asking.


Eric said...

oh, this is fun. I wonder if I can force myself to start doing it.
On Tuesdays, of course. YOu picked a Friday, you nelly queen.

dirk.mancuso said...

Looking forward to seeing you answer the weekly questions.

LOL @ Eric. I do it on Satruday or Sunday.

I'm so cutting edge.