Thursday, December 21, 2006

TMI Tuesday on a Thursday

Even though it feels like Friday SO MUCH today! Man tomorrow is going to suck when I wake up and think for a brief moment that it's Saturday. Ah well.

Anyway, the TMI Tuesday folks have posted their latest questionnaire, so I thought it would be rude not to answer it. So here it is.

1. Is it better to give or receive? We’re talking sex aren’t we? Well then I’m gonna have to say that for me it’s better to receive.

2. What is the most sensitive part on a man/woman's body? Surely this is different for everybody, no? It could be anything from the back of the knee, to the nape of the neck. But the cockhead is generally the most sensitive part I’ve encountered.

3. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you during sex? (Queefed? Family walked in? Couldn't get it up?) I’ve been quite lucky in this regard. I’ve not had any truly embarrassing, dear God please kill me now moments while I’ve been doing the nasty (or having the nasty done to me, whichever). But it’s never fun when it’s not so much a case of can’t get it up but can’t finish it off. A couple of times my orgasm has stubbornly refused to make an appearance no matter what. Which is more frustrating than embarrassing really.

4. Do you like to talk dirty during sex? How dirty does it get? Example! ;) Are you kidding? It’s one of my most favourite things, but again, I prefer the dirty talking to be done to me, rather than do any of it myself. That’s understandable, given how my favourite sexual activity makes talking a little difficult. And I like it seriously dirty. Bad approximations of porn talk do not fly well with PCB. If anyone ever says “oh yeah you like that don’t you?” they’d be shown the door so fast! Can’t think of a specific example though I’m afraid.

5. What do you really want for Christmas? Vibrator? Spanking? Well a gang bang or a spit roast would be fun, but I really wouldn’t mind a boyfriend either.

Bonus (as in optional): How often do you masturbate? Oh at LEAST once a day. My sex drive is ridiculous and has been for the last 17 years, pretty much. Very occasionally I lose the urge for a day or two but it's rare. The longest ever was a week right before I turned thirty. I guess it did something to me as my sex drive was dead. DEAD. If it hadn't been, a week without a wank would have probably killed me.

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dirk.mancuso said...

At least once a day?

Oh my.

I'm lucky to go once a year. That's how much I repulse myself.