Friday, December 08, 2006

There's some hope for Dreamgirls yet

I haven't said a word about the most anticipated movie musical adaptation in, well, forever because I have been very apprehensive about it. The early trailers didn't make me excited and it seemed the problem that almost felled Chicago was very much present (the fact that the movie seemed to be edited with a lawnmower and then stuck together with crazy glue). However, friends have seen advance screenings and have loved it and now the early reviews are equally as awestruck. It's tracking an incredible 94 on Metacritic (though that is only based on 5 reviews so far) but it's this little snippet from Variety that has finally started getting PCB excited:

Finally. After "The Phantom of the Opera," "Rent" and "The Producers" botched the transfer from stage to screen, Dreamgirls gets it right. Bill Condon's adaptation of the 1981 show about a Motown trio's climb to crossover stardom pulls off the fundamental double-act those three musical pics all missed: It stays true to the source material while standing on its own as a fully reimagined movie.

Hopefully my avid dislike of Foxx and Knowles will not derail my movie enjoyment....


Grouchbutt said...

This should be reassurance enough.

blabbyblog said...

I caved and got the soundtrack. Even BEYONCE (I KNOW!!!) sounds impressive and seems to have really grasped the character. Of course, they've chopped up the music so even the double-disc set sounds more like a collection of stand-alone songs than the old through-sung musical it is...but there's a clear character here.
And Jennifer Hudson sounds fantastic. She's not quite a Holliday-level vocalist but she has clearly worked her butt off and is reaping the glory.
I've gotten so excited about this film that I'm seriously considering shelling out the $20 to see it in advance at the Ziegfeld.

blabbyblog said...

oh my god. What the hell. I changed over to Blogger Beta and suddenly my name has CHANGED! What gives? This is Eric.

dirk.mancuso said...


If I had wanted to see this, Jennifer Hudson's stupid comments lessened the urge.

Then there is the Jamie Foxx factor.

And then there is Beyonce. That girl and acting go together like peanut butter and mayonnaise.

robb said...

they made dreamgirls into a film? i wonder if oprah knows about this?