Thursday, December 28, 2006

A distinct lack of festive blogging

So it was Christmas. I chose to pretty much ignore that fact. I didn't send out a single card or buy a single present (I have very pressing financial needs elsewhere and so in my defense, I was ordered not to buy gifts by people, which is fine with me). I did receive some lovely cards and a couple of gifts. The most thoughtful gift would have to be, without a doubt, the home made Christmas cake sent to me by someone I shall call Pattifan. It looked beautiful, it tastes amazing and it was accompanied by the most heartfelt message imaginable.

The actual day itself passed in a food filled haze. Work and financial constraints meant I stayed home with the crippled lesbian housemate. She's also one of my closest friends and has been for the 12 years I have known her. We decided when it came to cooking we would have the laziest Christmas ever, and if you couldn't peel the cellophane off and put it in the oven, we weren't having it. We went for the high end of that kind of convenience food, with a joint of pork, wrapped in parma ham, stuffed with cranberries and apricots. We ate at 4pm with all the trimmings and I wasn't truly hungry again until 6pm on the 26th. Fantastic.

It's not that I'm all grinchy and hate Christmas or anything (unlike a certain Dirk Mancuso), my decision to allow Christmas to pass me by was made for the previously mentioned financial reasons. A full blog entry explaining them in more detail will be coming up.

Having seen Eragon on the 22nd, I dragged myself from the flat on the 26th to see Perfume: Story Of A Murderer. The former was worse than I thought it was going to be, rather than being Dragonheart, it was more King Arthur with dragons. Rubbish. And some horrible HORRIBLE acting to boot. The latter was worth seeing for an intense performance from Ben Whishaw (who is very pretty but also distractingly, alarmingly thin) and as a whole the film is never dull to look at. But the source novel isn't actually all that great and the adaptation here is hardly the most dazzling. I am not a fan of Tom Tywker (I am one of the few people on the planet who absolutely loathed Run Lola Run) so I guess it's not overly shocking I found this to be so middling. But the main reason to see it was Whishaw and he didn't disappoint.

So, that was my festive season, how was everyone else's?

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Eric said...

I blogged it already...but lord, my niece is spoiled. Half the money they spent on my niece (they being my parents, bro and sis-in-law and her relatives) could have funded my life in NYC for 6 months.
I don't even think I'm exaggerating that point. Lord.
Sounds like yours was actually pretty good in spite of the no gifts clause. :-)