Friday, December 22, 2006

Google scares me, part deux

It's weird. My blog can go over a week without anyone stumbling over some part of it with any kind of a google search. But just lately, people have gone crazy. Since my previous update, the following google searches have found me:

He was in bed with my sister-wife
Julia Stiles laxative
free rinko kikuchi nude photo full frontal
fat lesbian pics

There's also been a surge of people looking for Chad Michael Murray's cock lately. Are there naked pics of him somewhere I don't know about?


Eric said...

You are such a fat lesbian.
Hey, do comments show up in keyword searches?
Fat lesbian.
Fatty Lezzies.
Las lezbos gordos.
That ought to increase your hits.

robb said...

one word, poppy: dreamcaps.

dirk.mancuso said...

I am too left slack jawed by the searches that lead to my blog. Among the current ones:

mother-son sex
chloroforming hostages
humiliate fag cumdump
courtney thorne smith blowjob

There are some scary people out there. I mean Courtney Thorne Smith is SOOOO 5 minutes ago...