Thursday, November 30, 2006

People On Internet Message Boards Say The Darndest Things #3

This little gem is once again brought to you by Just Us Boys, this time talking about Patrick Wilson and his latest movie, Little Children:

"He has a decent ass, which he also showed in "Angels In America", but apparently there is no full-frontal in "Little Children". If he'd had the balls to show his cock like Ewan McGregor does I might go and see the movie, but since he didn't there's no point."

I had to read that twice to make sure the person saying it really was basing his decision on seeing what is apparently an incredible movie on whether or not Patrick Wilson whips his knob out. And it would seem he is. Dear oh dear.


Grouchbutt said...

And to think we have a president who makes decisions using even worse logic.

Although if someone told me I could see Patrick Wilson's penis if I invaded Iraq...hmmm...

Eric said...

Heh. I want to say so much! :-)

Crummy reason not to see a film, though. Geez, rent a porn if that's what you're looking for.