Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Movies on the PCB Radar: December 2006

Ok given that it's December on Friday (scary, no?) I figured it was time for this. So let's start with what we have opening this weekend:

Not really sure why this is on my radar, I think it must be for the supporting cast and the intriguing premise. I can't abide Will Ferrell. I remember when Empire Magazine ran a feature on him a year or so back titled "The Funniest Man You've Never Heard Of". I channeled Karen Walker and intoned "honey do you know how many things are wrong with that sentence?"

This is here for more obvious reasons. It's a John Cameron Mitchell film, packed to the hilt with sex. Bring it on. I had to give up a ticket to an advance screening of this in favour of my recent trip to NYC so I am glad it's come out so quick.

And from one end of the spectrum to the other. This hasn't been the runaway smash hit expected, joining a surprisingly long list of kiddy friendly flops this year. The premise is decidedly odd but hey it looks like it could be fun.

December 8th:

Only a couple make the radar this week. There is one film opening this weekend that I am studiously ignoring. The Holiday looks like the worst kind of schmaltzy tosh around and I would sooner stick needles in my eyes than suffer through Cameron Diaz being whiny. I hate her. But anyway, on to films I actually want to see:

I've been excited about this since seeing a teaser trailer over the summer. It just looks too cute for words. And it seems unstoppable in the US, even kicking Bond into touch. So yay penguins.

Please note, I am under no illusions that the above will be a good film. It will, however, be full of pretty boys in various states of undress and who doesn't like looking at that?

December 15th:

This could be the Lord Of The Rings of 2006. Or it could be this year's Dragonheart. It's all to play for at the moment but the trailer looks exciting enough.

Tony Scott is a ridiculous hack and Denzel is so worthy it bores me senseless. And yet I want to see this. The plot looks like it's going to be incoherent to the point of insanity but it intrigues me still.

I know I know. It's wrong to want to see this. But I don't care. I love horror movies and I live in hope with each subsequent remake that one of them will be good. The Texas Chainsaw remake did scare me silly but the rest of the crop have been a joke. Well, if nothing else I can see this and hope that Michelle Trachtenberg meets the screaming bloody death she so richly deserves.

December 22nd:

Nothing says "it's nearly Christmas" like a film about the fate of the people in the iconic Iwo Jima snap, does it?

December 26th:

And the day after Christmas is the perfect time for this. I included both posters as they're so gosh darned purty. Now, the book of Perfume didn't thrill me and I HATED Run Lola Run so this is on my radar for one reason only. Ben Whishaw. He's had theatre critics frothing at the mouth for a couple of years now but I haven't seen anything he's done. He seems to be the Next Big Thing though so we'll see how he shapes up.


Eric said...

In the very first professional tour I did after college, my roommate was reading the book of "Perfume" and loved it, said he could see it as a film. I vaguely recall a few years ago hearing Dustin Hoffman was attached to it.
Saw a preview of it this weekend and it looks really good but bizarre.

dirk.mancuso said...

The Beta-Blogger "You can wait you, we changed our mind again" debacle has been in full swing of late, but today I can post, so here I go. Watch me opine:

STRANGER THAN FICTION. Will Ferell is like JIm Carey to me: both are best in VERY small doses and very seldom. But I do love Emma Thompson and Queen Latifah so I want to see this one.

SHORTBUS. I would LOVE to see this but living in an area that never got RUNNING WITH SCISSORS or FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION, it looks as though I will have to wait for the DVD.

FLUSHED AWAY. Mmmmm, didn't catch me eye.

HAPPY FEET. Damn, those penguins are cute, but my friends saw it with their kids and said it sort of just meandered along and didn't hold their attention like SHREK or most of the Pixar stuff.

THE COVENANT. Um, I'll pass -- half naked men or not.

ERAGON. I tried reading the book, but lapsed into a coma. Not making me want to trot out for this one until I see a review or twelve. However, I had the same reaction the LOTR books and loved the movies...

DEJA VU. I'll assume the title refers to massive yawns I've experienced thanks to every other picture made by Tony Scott and Denzel.

BLACK CHRISTMAS. I couldn't agree more. I'm there.


PERFUME. Beautiful posters, but like you, the book left me cold.