Friday, November 03, 2006

Blog, Interrupted

Wednesday morning, while getting ready to go to London, I tipped over a cup of coffee. Into my laptop. The keyboard and mouse pad were initially a little unhappy but after being dried off and cleaned up, they were working fine. So I turned it off and went out for the day. I came home, turned it on to check my email. And nothing. Nada.

I checked with a mac expert who advised to dry it out thoroughly in an airing cupboard. I did, and last night it worked again, connecting to the internet just fine. However, the coffee had moved to behind the screen somehow so he advised turning it off and returning it to the airing cupboard. I did and now this morning when I turn it on, it gets as far as the grey start up screen. And no further. Shit.

I am on my housemate's desktop right now but obviously my access to that is limited. Since my cunty cunt of a boss moved desks and can see everything I am doing, my net access at work took a dive too. So blogging for the near future is going to be erratic to say the least. Sigh.


Eric said...

First of all, advice:
Do your blog posts in a word processor (word or whatever Mac has). you can do hyperlinks and whatnot even in Word and Blogger will accept them when you cut an dpaste. That'll minimize your time on the actual Blogger page.
Secondly, this thing happened to me when I first got my notebook a few years ago. My puppy (at the time) decided to assault me when I had a glass of milk in my hand. The entire thing when right through the keyboard and, after a loud popping sound, the computer didn't work. I left it overnight and all day, came home from work, and it worked. Magically.
I'm sorry yours doesn't seem to responding. Frustrating doesn't begin to describe it, does it?

dirk.mancuso said...

If anyone understands the trauma of a non-functional laptop, it's me.

That really sucks.

I am so paranoid about mine, I won't even have a beverage within 6 feet of Lappy.