Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Brad Pitt is all in a tizzy

Apparently considering legal action against Vanity Fair for publishing pics of him from an avant garde photo shoot without his permission. But I ask you, if you looked like this, would you really mind the world seeing the pics:

I mean, I know I wouldn't. And Just Us Boys presented themselves with their first darndest thing moment in a thread discussing how great the pics are:

"In my opinion, he's hot, but way too old." So there you have it. If you are approaching 43 and still look as good as Mr Pitt does, it doesn't matter. A 26 year old faggot has deemed you too old regardless.

In other news, it's my day off today and I have another extensive fun day in London planned. So of course, I woke up 45 minutes earlier than my alarm would go off on a work day and could NOT get back to sleep. Why, body? Why do you do this to me?


Eric said...

If I looked like that now, well over a decade younger than him, I'd be happy, much less at 43! God. Stupid faggies.

Roscoe said...

Poor Brad. He seems to expect us to take him seriously as some kind of actor, but he just can't deliver the goods. TROY is the single most expensive demo reel for a personal trainer in movie history. If he wasn't as gorgeous as he is, he'd be asking people if they want fries with that. Does his trainer get a commission on Pitt's earnings?

And now he's suing because he was too lazy to read the fine print that says they can do whatever they want with the pictures they take. Couldn't he just donate the money to some charity or other?