Sunday, April 29, 2007

Movies on the PCB Radar: May 2007

And so the summer season begins.....

May 4th:

Is there anybody whose radar this film is not on? Anyone? Thought not. Annoyingly I read the first review of it today and it confirmed something I was fearing about it, namely with three baddies it feels a little overcrowded. Ah well.

A master stroke of counter programming if ever there was one. There could not be less of a demographic crossover for these two movies. Of course, finding somewhere actually showing it will be something of a challenge.

May 11th:

Only one film makes the cut this week and I only really want to see it because the trailer looks absolutely thrilling. I really didn't enjoy the first movie, despite being repeatedly told by critics and audiences that it was amazing. If this seemingly unnecessary sequel is even half as exciting as the trailer though, it'll be great.

May 18th:

As much as I hate Samuel L Jackson, he keeps turning up in films I want to see. This seems highly intriguing. To say the least.

I have been excited about this movie since it was announced. I love David Fincher (with the exception of The Game) and the trio of Robert Downey Jr, Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Ruffalo makes me squee. This is before you get to the fact this looks like being an intensely brilliant movie about a fascinating subject. Bring it on.

All I know about this film is the ill advised publicity stunt with the nasty posters in LA that were allegedly put up in error or without permission or some other equally transparent lie. But any film that involves apparently burying Elisha Cuthbert alive is just fine with me.

May 25th:

And so May closes as it opens....

I don't really know why this is on MY radar. I was no big fan of the first one, my outright loathing of the second installment is well documented. And I just discovered the running time for part 3 is an entirely monstrous and wholly unnecessary 168 minutes. That a trilogy which should really be around 4 hours ended up being closer to 9 is just ridiculous.

So it's a shame that this movie is coming out in the same weekend as it will be lost in the crush. Based on the Raymond Carver short story that has already been seen as part of Short Cuts, this uses one incident on a personal level to examine the cultural and political problems faced by an entire nation. Plus, Laura Linney's in it. I'd see her in anything.

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