Monday, April 23, 2007

Hot Guy Monday: Paul Walker

Continuing on with HGM's overriding theme so far of hot actors with questionable talent (but undeniable gifts) who make generally bad movies, today I give you all some Paul Walker.

He really is stunning, but his lead roles have pretty much all been in rubbish movies and I don't see him troubling the Oscar voters anytime soon. But when you're that hot, who cares?


Limecrete said...

I care. A little, anyway. He's certainly cute, but instead of wasting money paying him to make shitty movies, why don't we just paste a little picture of him up in the corner of the screen while we watch good movies?

haevyn said...

hi, im haevyn(sounds like haven) smith im just wondering why doesn't he ever SMILE! it's beautiful, besides his eyes,perfect hair,and of course his rockin bod, why not smile he's got the package show it of dude!!! o by the way BACK UP B***HES HE'S F***KING MINE NO ONE LOVES HIM AS MUCH AS ME, I PROMISE!!!(BUT I STILL DONT HAVE A POSTER OF HIM.) I STILL LOVE HIM MOST CAUSE BESIDES YOU OTHER GIRLS I DONT JUST LIKE FOR HIS LOOKS I LOVE HIM FOR HIS PERSONALITY, HOW WOULD I KNOW I'VE MET HIM!!! HAHAHAHA;)LOVE LOTS!!!

joey shimunec said...

oh hell no, i caompletely disagree.
i think that he is an amazing actor and not to mention every movie that he has been in have been pretty good movies and they just keep getting better.
and whoever says that he's a shitty actor or he makes shitty movies doesn't know what the hell they are talking about and i suggest that they shut the fuck up

ASperf said...

oh girls please.
Paul Walker is so amazing.
He's good at everything he does. And anyone who says his movies suck, you ought to be taken down into a dark alley, and get the fuck beat out of you. To knock some damn sense into you.
His movies is so amazing. He is awesome.
And theres more to him than just his fine self, he has a heart, and from what I know, A very good one. And I love every single thing about him.<3


ASperf said...

how could he get any more amazing?