Sunday, April 01, 2007

Movies on the PCB Radar: April 2007

Bit of a slender month this time. Probably because next month sees the start of the summer onslaught. But anyway.

April 6th:

This is going to be, I would wager, utterly naff and not in the least bit frightening. But it stars Dylan McDermott and I love him.

A tricky prospect, this one. Much delayed after spending an entire year in post production, it could go either way. I don't rate Danny Boyle as a director at all (I absolutely LOATHE Trainspotting) and Alex Garland wrote The Beach, a book which bored me to tears. However, the premise is intriguing and the early word is that the film is relentlessly paced and more than a little terrifying. We'll see...

April 13th:

The film which I currently think unfairly stole the Oscar from Pan's Labyrinth. My opinion may well change after I see it of course.

From one extreme to the other. This looks like it's going to be deliciously, gloriously, fantastically bad. I can't wait.

Despite the fact far far far FAR too much is given away in the trailer for this, I still want to see it. Even though I'm sure I already know the ending thanks to the relentless previews. Seriously, it's a twisty turny conspiracy thriller, so why reveal the identity of the bad guy in the trailer? Why?

April 20th:

I love Ryan Gosling, I think he's an incredible actor. By all accounts his performance in this film is really something. I can't wait.

This will be rubbish, I'm fairly certain. It's also much delayed and is being rush released now to presumably cash in on the success of 300.

Clearly, April is the month for dumping the much delayed projects in which the studios have lost all hope. Check out the original release date on the poster. It looks like it will be rubbish and as it stars Hilary Swank April would also be the month that sees Oscar winning actors in ill advised movies.

April 27th:

Ah it looks like a Merchant Ivory film. Even if this film is boring to watch (and given its cast, I doubt it will be), it will be glorious to look at.

Nicolas Cage would seem to prove my point about April and Oscar winning actors. The story of a man who can see into the future by a few minutes and the nuclear disaster he can help to avert sounds, well, shit. But it might be good shit.

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