Friday, April 20, 2007

And the hits just keep on coming

I am sure I have mentioned that my crazy roommate who loves to boil eggs in kettles and melt butter over a toaster is also a bona fide disabled person. She has fibromyalgia, which is really no fun. Its other name, Constant Pain Syndrome, makes that pretty clear. As if that wasn't enough, yesterday she was diagnosed with lupus. I have an aunt who was diagnosed with lupus in 1993, so it's something I have actually suspected of my roomie for a little while. However, all the tests for lupus came back inconclusive. Until yesterday. Obviously, it was a huge upset for her to learn that one day, her liver could start eating itself. That's just one of the many wide and varied crazy things lupus can do to you.

It's weird but ultimately I think this could be a good thing. She's been very ill off and on for almost two years now with what we thought was glandular fever and its after effects. But nobody could say for sure what exactly caused her original flu-like illness in the summer of 2005, nor could they say why it had wiped out her immune system to the point whereby if someone sneezed within 50 yards of her, she had a cold within minutes and it lasted weeks. Turns out it was all lupus all the time. Now that she knows this and has something concrete to work with, once the shock wears off, she can start taking her life back.

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