Monday, February 20, 2006

Words fail me

OK I take it back about what I said regarding Final Destination earlier in the blog. THIS is surely the least eagerly awaited sequel of all time. Hi, Sharon? Hello, it's your dignity calling. Yes, I know we haven't seen each other or spoken in like FOREVER but I really couldn't ignore this any longer. The first Basic Instinct is a pile of dogshit, but at least you looked hot in it. This, however, is the literal picture of naked desperation. Woman, look, you're pushing 50, did you not think about this? From the neck up, that's REALLY starting to show, especially with that lank new bob hair don't which is doing nothing for you. And from the neck down? You're a plastic fake barbie doll. It's just embarrassing. For the love of God, PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!


Eric said...

Chandler Bing: Could she BE any more airbrushed?

Popcultureboy said...

Please do, oh Flippant one :-)

Flippancy said...

Sharon Stone is an abomination.

And nice blog, by the way.

Should I start my own and enter the fray?