Friday, February 17, 2006

I'm Mr Brightside

Alright, I must must must attempt some glass half full looking at my extended UK stay. There is some great theatre coming up here. Avenue Q opens in June, as does the revival of Evita. That will be cool, I guess. I haven't checked the dates of it yet, but I THINK I'm around for the UK unveiling of Caroline, Or Change a show that closed in NY before I could schedule a visit. Movin' Out also has a limited London run coming up, another show I wanted to see but never got round to it (and I was in NY a LOT when that show was running). So that's a little something.

Also, I do have many wonderful friends in London, all of whom were really rooting for me to get to NY and all of them will be both pleased that I managed to achieve it and will be very helpful in making my extended UK stay as pain free as possible. I am hoping I can find someone with a spare room I can stay in for these months and that we can negotiate a reasonable rate for the stay so that, when I get a temporary job, I can afford to live AND save money for legal fees. Also I am hoping to to get my consolidation loan paid off before I leave as that will make my life so much easier. It's due to be paid off in November 2007, which means I'll need a fair chunk to pay it off early (about £2500) but it's not outside the realms of possibility. Not entirely, anyway. But of course, this fabulous plan hinges on many variables, not least my NY job offer being okayed for an October start.

In other news, I decided to run before I could walk on the cake baking front. When I was in NYC, I discovered the joy that is Red Velvet Cake. Completely unknown here in the UK, my craving for it got the better of me and I decided to bake one. Not just any old one, but a 3 tier one, frosted with white chocolate cream cheese frosting. And while when it came out the oven, it did look like I had baked 3 blood clots, it assembled marvellously. Ok, so the frosting is a little, well let's be kind and say rubbish inexpertly applied, but for a first try that's pretty effing special if I do say so myself. And it tastes amazing. Which is what counts.


Eric said...

Sweet Jesus on a cracker. How I hate you.

Popcultureboy said...

You won't be saying that in October when I'm baking said cake for you......