Sunday, February 05, 2006

I'm a Master Baker

Or at least, I'm getting there. For years and years I've always said I can't do anything in the kitchen. Under duress to use up some lemons before they went bad, I made a lemon sponge cake. And it was glorious. So I made another one. And it was even nicer. I found a recipe for a chocolate cake, which turned out great. I made it again but added some coffee to it to make it a mocha cake. It needs some fine tuning but it was gorgeous. And today I made a ginger cake with a lime syrup. Fantastic. I will of course be the size of a small island before too much longer, but I can bake!

Ok, so I'm watching TV as I type, it's the new series of Marple, with Geraldine McEwan as Jane Marple. It's like watching a bad pantomime. We have actually had the line of dialogue "I love a rollicking good farce, don't you?" with a straight face. It has a great cast but they all seem to have left their talent at home. And when the definitive Miss Marple has already been done (Joan Hickson was perfection) then WHY are they doing it again?

Man, am I ever bored. Going to see Grizzly Man tomorrow. Possibly Walk The Line too.

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