Thursday, February 09, 2006


So I am not very good at being introspective but part of the reason I revived my blogging days (I used to be an LJ whore but this place is prettier) was to try and talk about myself more and such. I think the problem might be that I just don't think I'm interesting enough and if I don't want to hear about me, then why would anyone else want to read about me?

Well last night, tired but unable to get my Busy Brain (© My crazy one time reflexologist) to shut the fuck up I realised that I am horribly over analytical. I have berated many friends for over thinking situations to the point of insanity and then of course I do it too. For example, I am currently spending a lot of time living in cyberspace (shocking, I know) and over the course of a day I have many conversations on Instant Messenger. Yesterday I was being silly with a friend and suddenly he said goodbye and signed off. Rather than thinking nothing of it, I spent a fair while examining why exactly he would have signed off so quick. Had I offended him, had he grown bored of me, had he thought I was being serious when I was really only kidding? And so on and so forth, etc, ad infinitum until I was driving myself crazy and having to use all my self control not to send an email asking all the questions that were swirling in my head. Of course, none of it was even remotely applicable so thank God the email wasn't sent. In my earlier, less controlled days, it probably would have been. And dear Lord, would that have been a mess. But anyway. That's my personal observation for today.

I also did some more thinking about Walk The Line. I came to the conclusion that without the star performers, nobody would be talking about this movie, except to perhaps compare it to Ray. In fact, if you replace the two leads with people several notches lower in the celebrity echelons (Stuart Townsend and Jennifer Love Hewitt, say) and you'd be watching a Hallmark Channel biopic. But Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon pull the movie into another league entirely. Phoenix is great but Witherspoon is an absolute revelation. And it's that revelatory factor that could win her the Oscar. Felicity Huffman is hotly tipped but her talent is neither a secret nor a surprise. Sports Night, Desperate Housewives and years of theatre performances ensure she's known AND respected. But everyone in Hollywood is sitting up and going "Holy shit. Is that Elle Woods? Really? Who woulda thought?" and that element is the one that could propel her to Oscar glory. We'll see.

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