Thursday, February 16, 2006

And see that screen go down in the flames

And so the list of shows that will depart New York before I have had the chance to be in the audience multiplies. We can now add Three Days Of Rain, Awake And Sing!, The History Boys, Rabbit Hole, The Pajama Game, Bridge & Tunnel, Abigail's Party, Faith Healer and The Threepenny Opera to the list. Gosh, I can hear you all thinking, that's a huge amount of shows, what happened?

Well, I'll tell you. Last night, the company I have been in talks with for the last four months now, decided not to offer employment on my current visa status. It's a long story, one I'm too broken to go into here, but the visa was complicated, too complicated for them to deal with. There IS another visa that I am eligible for but that has a start date of October 1st 2006, and not one day earlier. They wanted me there earlier than this, so they are clearing it with the powers that be that October is ok. I think it will be. I hope it will be. Stay tuned for further announcements, folks.


Bent Yellow Boy said...

I'm sorry about the first visa, Pops. Here's hoping the second one pulls through.

Wait, didn't you already see HISTORY BOYS in London? :-)

Popcultureboy said...

Couldn't get a ticket for History Boys in London. It was a CRAZY big hit here. So I thought "ah never mind, I'll see it on Broadway." More fool me. I don't see the visa for October being a problem but if they get all weird about this one, so help me GOD......