Saturday, February 25, 2006

What it means to be made of you but not enough for you.

Wow I haven't updated since Monday. And to think, not too long ago, dear sweet Blood Ray commented on how prolific a blogger I am. Well I soon put paid to that, didn't I?

The problem is I just don't have anything terribly exciting to say, so I couldn't be bothered to update just to say nothing. Though it is what I seem to be doing now. Well, the New York situation remains unchanged. They were supposed to get back to me by the end of the day on Tuesday so I was resolutely unsurprised when they didn't. As I remarked to a friend a day or so ago, they dragged their heels something fierce when we were in the big time crunch to try and get me there by Feb 1st, so now that we are not in a time crunch, there's no telling how long everything is going to take.

I was planning on moving back to London, but I am now going to stay where I am in Brighton until such time as I am in NY or NY doesn't happen and THEN I will head back to London. It means I can save money as I will be paying a teeny tiny amount of rent, so that's good. Also, there are HUGE employers down here that I would work perfectly with (AmEx being one of them). So it could all work out. Right? We'll see I guess.

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