Friday, February 23, 2007

PCB the unwitting homewrecker

A week and a half ago, I was online at one of the websites I use for quick and easy sex. A man has needs, y'know? Anyway, a guy started talking to me on there and we switched to email for the finer details, including giving him my address to come round as he is unable to have guys over to his place. He comes over, the sex is rubbish and I can't get him out the door fast enough.

Yesterday, his wife showed up at my house in a fit of hysterics. She'd been through his emails and found the ones from me. Until that moment she had no idea her husband was a homo, she thought he was having an affair with another woman. I felt like I was in some bad soap opera. Luckily, she was not angry with me in the slightest, nor did she blame me at all. I assured her it was a one off and that I had absolutely no idea he was married. She asked questions that I declined to answer, suggesting it was best she ask him. I also refrained from telling her that he had been on the website I met him on for over a year and he had been telling me how he will go out to saunas for some cock. I figured her heart was already broken enough.

After ten tense and awkward minutes, she left, still crying her heart out. I imagine she went home to throw hubby out on the street. I feel awful for her and if her idiot husband tries to contact me again, he will get very short shrift indeed.


Eric said...

oh my god! You are developing this for an episode of some gay show, aren't you?

Limecrete said...

Wowsers. I'm glad (well, in a relative sense) that you were able to handle that situation, because I would have been pretty damn flummoxed.

Grouchbutt said...

The bad news? Your husband's gay.
The good news? He's really bad at it.

I can't decide if this story is hilarious or horrifying. Bravo to you for handling it as well as you did.

But I'm thinking if he didn't delete his e-mails and she was suspicious enough to snoop, then there wasn't much fuse left on the dynamite anyway. You just happened to be the unlucky soul caught in the middle.

Popcultureboy said...

It could have been SO much worse. She could have been a psycho, blamed me for it, attacked me even.

She sent me many emails the next day and I feel really awful for her but judging from what she was saying, he's told her a whole big bunch of lies and she's choosing to believe it.

lottie said...

O M G words fail me

John said...

WOW. just WOW.


Blood Ray said...

Yeah, what everyone else said.

(And this so sounds like something that would happen to me)