Friday, February 02, 2007

Movies on the PCB Radar: February 2007

I realise that it's already February but the two big movie releases this weekend are Notes On A Scandal and Dreamgirls, both of which I have already seen and consequently aren't actually on my radar anymore. So, next week there is:

I saw the trailer for this in front of Alpha Dog I think and I knew very little about who was in the cast, other than Sienna Miller. So I'm sat there thinking "who on earth is that playing Andy Warhol?" and so when Guy Pearce's name came up, my jaw hit the floor. I hope it's good, I really do.

Because heaven knows this won't be. The book was utter shit. And I loved the novel of Hannibal and will never forgive Ridley Scott for his travesty of a movie. So my hopes for this really aren't high. So potentially it could surprise me. But I don't think it will.

February 16th.

The eagerly anticipated follow up from the Sean Of The Dead posse. I have never seen that movie and still have less than no desire to, but having seen clips of this, I have to say it looks pretty funny. And my appreciation of Simon Pegg has increased significantly since he stole MI:III from Mr Cruise.

Finally. I toyed with the idea of buying this on DVD while I was in NYC, but for every person who loves it, there's someone else who thinks it was a poor man's The Prestige. Love Ed Norton though and I cut Jessica Biel more slack than she probably deserves, so....

It's on my radar but I am fully expecting not to like it. I love me some Gael Garcia Bernal but Michel Gondry and I have very different ideas about what makes an enjoyably watchable film. Word is that this lacks the coherent vision of Charlie Kaufman. That this film could actually make Kaufman SEEM coherent says it all I think.

The Upside Of Anger is also released today, but I saw this when it was released in the US almost two years ago. It bored me to tears then, I don't see the outcome changing now.

February 23rd

This, I have to admit, totally intrigues me. It looks like a fascinating and original idea. Jim Carrey has more than proved he is more than a shouty comedian in recent years (as much as I disliked the movie, I did think he was wonderful in Eternal Sunshine). But with Joel Schumacher at the helm, it's all to play for. Could be brilliant, could be an unwatchable disaster.

Planned to see this in NYC and then never got round to it, mainly because the general consensus was "Should have been amazing, it's actually worthy, dull and too long". That said, I could watch Angelina Jolie in pretty much anything and the same goes for Matt Damon. He's far more talented than he's given credit for and I'm really annoyed that in all the awards love being shown for The Departed, he's being ignored in favour of Marky Fucking Mark, whose performance is atrocious.

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dirk.mancuso said...

Hannibal Rising? Could. NOT. Get. Through. That. Book.

THE ILLUSIONIST. Went into this one with very low expectations and ended up enjoying it immensely, despite the presence of Biel.

THE NUMBER 23. I have only to hear the words Joel and Schumacher to run screaming into the night.

I agree completely about Matt Damon -- he is sorely underestimated. Angelina Jolie, however...not feeling the love there.