Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wasn't as tough as I expected

Managed to make it through yesterday emotionally unscathed, which was an acheivement. I guess it helped that work was crazy busy and I got to be mean to someone who wasn't happy with the outcome of their complaint. Then, when I was on overtime in the call centre, I got to be mean to someone who had used their card incorrectly. Ah, so satisfying. Also, there are a couple of guys in the call centre who I absolutely adore and who, without realising it, brightened my day no end with their idle banter. Though I think I shocked the office a little. I forgot a) how loud I can be and b) how quiet our office is. I was talking to one of the boys in the call centre on the phone, at my desk. There is a woman who works in the back office team who all the boys love. I don't really see it, but there's another woman who I think is absolutely stunning. She looks like a smudged photocopy of Scarlett Johanssen. Her name is Zora. Here's the conversation had about her:

Me: Well for me, it's all about Zora.
Upstairs Boy: What does she look like?
Me: Kind of like Scarlett Johanssen. She's absolutely gorgeous.
Upstairs Boy: No! How did I not know about her?
Me: I dunno, I am sure I have mentioned her before.
Upstairs Boy: And she's really that attractive?
Me: Oh hell yes. I would totally hop the fence for Zora.

At which point, EVERYBODY stopped what they were doing and looked at me. So now we all know I have the hots for Zora. Mercifully she moved to a different department in Amex on Friday so I was saved the embarrassment of her also hearing. Whew.

But on the way to work, it was a whole different story. I can't stop listening to Caroline, Or Change. During my 35 minute walk to work yesterday, "Lot's Wife" came on. Every time I listen to that song, every hair on my body stands up and I get chills like crazy anyway. However, yesterday when it got to "Take Caroline away cause I can't be her, take her away I can't afford her" I got so overwhelmed I nearly started crying. In the street. I managed to pull it together but I remember thinking "Oh dear today is going to suck". And I was wrong.

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Eric said...

Who told you that number would rock your world? Who?
*awaits the praise and glory to be heaped upon him*