Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Disaster

So I had a wonderful idea for a Halloween cake. I was going to adulterate the red velvet cake, and wicked witch-ify it. Green sponge instead of red, black frosting instead of white. It was going to be so cool. In theory. In my head the Elpha-Cake was bright green sponge with jet black icing. One bite and you'd be defying calories.

However, first of all I toyed with the recipe, taking a recipe for a three tier cake and trying it in a two tier version. SO didn't work. The fucking thing wouldn't set in the middle but the outside was way overcooked. The sugar all separated out and rose to the top. And then there's the colour. Instead of bright Elphaba green, it ended up looking like something I had grown on my shower curtain. And the frosting turned purple instead of black. So it went in the bin. Gutted.


Eric said...

oh holy crap.
Too bad you didn't ask Rachael Ray for advice first.
On second thought, SO glad you didn't ask her.

plm said...

the colors actually sound much more halloweenie.

Grouchbutt said...

I want to feel bad for you, but I'm just too upset that you would fuck with Nature's perfect food like that.

robb said...

more proof that nothing good can come out of wicked. nothing.