Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Possible new semi-regular feature from PCB

Ok lets give this a try.

Along with the "movies on my radar" month by month guide, I thought I'd try adding another fun feature. Tentatively titled "People on internet message boards say the darndest things", it's going to feature some of the more ridiculous (for whatever reason) postings I find during my trawls around the net. I should preface this entry by saying I used to be a very active member of an internet message board. When I started at American Express, I took a little break from posting there. Recently, I've been reading the site again and everything there has changed so much that I very much doubt I will ever go back and post there again. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time on there and I have met and made some wonderful friends, some of whom stop by my blog, all of whom I intend on keeping. But as far as posting on the boards again, I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Anyway, what better way to start with some posts I found on the IMDb boards? It came up on the comments section of an earlier post, I believe the one about United 93 that the IMDb boards seem to be full of a very special kind of stupidity. This morning I was perusing the Marie Antoinette boards over there and came across these prize gems of idiocy that I would like to share with you all:

First up:

"Ok i went to see this movie with my 18 year old sister she thought it was pretty good me being a 26 year old male did not I did not know if it was suppose to be serious of somewhat funny the music throughout the movie was new age? I mean i can see the artists point of view through song but damn ok here is the worst part her head does not get whacked off??? Come on it was the only reason i did not run to the movie being played next to us.."

The worst part was the lack of a beheading? Lovely!

And then I found:

"OH wow...what is there to say?
Horrible acting by Dunst. Way too over dramatic. Unrealistic accent.
Horrible costumes. Unrealitic with what they would have worn back in the century!
4. Too much modern music. They didnt even have c.d.'s in the 1700's!
that was a major plot hole!"

All I have to say about the above is WAY TO MISS THE POINT!

And I have, of course, saved the best for last.

"why did they make this movie? there no point to bring this story to the big screen. The studio that made this movie just lost money. the reason they lost money is because they had pay Kirsten Dunst salary which is probally a decent amount of money. I knew this movie would flop after i saw the trailer, it look so dumb. I am not say it dumb because it is a chick flick because i liked the notebook and other movie like that. I knew no one would pay eight dollars to see this movie. Why does the studio make these movie that place back the 1700's. I guess i am right because this movie got number 8 at the box office and only made 5 million dollars this weekend. They tried to promote this crap on all the TV stations but it stilled failed. Last week the marine came out it got number 6 and made 7 million dollars. The resaon I said that that movie only promoted on WWE Television, it was not promoted on network television like Marie Antoinette was. The director is a very good and the lead actress Kirsten Dunst has alot of talent. I hope these actress and director get better project in the future. I hope this last movie about this crap."

For once, words truly fail me.

So there you are. This feature will not exclusively be about the IMDb boards, though God knows they are such a treasure trove of dumbfuckery, they'll feature fairly often.

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Limecrete said...

Oh, my God, the IMdB boards. I can't read them for more than five minutes or my brain will explode.