Thursday, October 19, 2006

Movies On The PCB Radar: Remainder of October 2006

I thought, for shits and giggles, I would do a month by month breakdown of all the upcoming movie releases that are, for one reason or another, catching my eye. So let's start with what's left of October.

This weekend:

I know I know, booed at Cannes, historically inaccurate blah blah blah. I really rate Sofia Coppola as a director though and it looks gorgeous. Whether or not it'll be interesting to watch is open for debate. That it will be endlessly fascinating to look at is a foregone conclusion. Who the hell designed that ugly ass poster though?

Does this one need an explanation?

Now I should start by saying I FULLY expect this to suck. The first one was absolute rubbish, an incoherent pile of fright free gubbins. But I love Amber Tamblyn. I'm sorry but I do. So I'll see this. And not be scared by it.

Next weekend:

While we're on the subject of pointless sequels to horror movies....I will defend the first movie as being truly inventive, creepy and by the end, downright terrifying. It did not need a sequel. It sure as hell does not need a second sequel.

Though this creepy little chiller is apparently by all accounts a brilliant film. It comes laden with praise from just about every film festival in the Northern hemisphere. We'll see.

Already come and gone in the US, the reviews were very harsh. But with a cast like that, I'm going to see it whatever, aren't I?


Eric said...

What is this Red Road? Thank god I have you around to tell me what movies I should be seeing but aren't.

And I'm sorry, but Kirsten Dunst looks as if she has a severe mental illness in that poster.

dickygreenleaf said...

'The Last Kiss' trailer is screened at every film I've seen over the past few weeks. Zach Braff and Casey Affleck both together on screen - can't wait.