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Movies on the PCB Radar: March 2007

Another late radar entry, my excuse this time being February is too short and I'm working too many hours. Anyway....


This looks like being the best ever guilty pleasure movie. I chose this poster from the approximately 900 different ones I found because first of all it was the most ridiculous. Second of all, it still bears the movie's original release date of last summer, so the fact that it has been unceremoniously dumped into the first quarter of 2007, when it's much quieter at the box office, leads me to believe it's a sack of shit. And it's from the director of DareDevil, a guilty pleasure film I love. So it's bound to be a winner.

Also up today is the delayed release of the already delayed The Illusionist.

March 9th (My birthday, incidentally):

Ah, Steven Soderbergh. I do enjoy your movies, but you can be a self indulgent asshat sometimes. Ocean's 12 was unbearably smug and this has a killer cast but looks like it might be a little bit too in love with itself. But come on, with a cast like that, how am I going to not see it? I would watch Cate Blanchett in anything. Did we see her Oscars get up? Stunning.

A tricky one. I struck David Lynch off my Christmas card list after Mulholland Drive. I hated how he took what was an intriguing two hour TV pilot and then buggered it up with 30 minutes of incoherent nonsense. Well, the naysayers for this latest effort are saying he skipped the first part and went straight for the incoherent nonsense. For three hours. But the pro- Lynch brigade are calling it his finest film, a work of art. And apparently Laura Dern's performance is intense. So maybe I'll give it a shot.

This looks like Wolf Creek by way of The Hitcher
and the early reviews have been quite complimentary, if critical of the ending, which is no surprise. And Scott Mechlowicz is very easy on the eye.

I was unfairly dismissive of Anne Hathaway almost a year ago on here when she appeared in Vanity Fair's annual Hollywood issue. Since then she has grown on me a little and so I'm intrigued to see how she pulls this off. Although I have to wonder, after this and Miss Potter, whether there is an embargo on British authors being portrayed by British actresses. Again, she's surrounded by a fantastic cast. I love James McAvoy and Julie Walters but I am most excited to see Anna Maxwell Martin, my love for whom is well documented, appearing in the movie.

March 16th:

This may have featured in an earlier radar entry as it's been hugely delayed. But I'm too lazy to double check. Anyway, I think this would have been better with first choice Samantha Morton in the lead role and the fact that the Arbus estate withheld the rights to ALL her work does not bode well. But I do love me some Robert Downey Jr.

Another tricky one. I love the trailer, I love Sandra Bullock and as for Julian McMahon, well, he could make me his bitch anytime he wanted and twice on Sundays. It looks like a great idea but that doesn't mean to say something won't get effed up on the way to the screen. We'll see. It'll be great or it'll be a guilty pleasure, I just hope it's not so bad it's bad.

March 23rd:

An interesting and different idea for a film. I have no knowledge of where the song came from so I can actually watch and learn. I can only imagine that between this and HBO's Rome, London's West End has been a wasteland as pretty much every theatre actor who wasn't in Rome is in this. And some, Ciaran Hinds, are in both, which is just greedy.

Another tricky prospect. I have not enjoyed a single Richard Linklater film, with the exception of School Of Rock. I enjoyed the book but does it really need a feature film made out of it? Wouldn't a documentary be better?

At this point you're probably thinking I put the wrong poster up. You'd be wrong. While I am not a lover of the rom-coms, I just can't help but LOVE Jennifer Garner. There's something about her so inherently likeable, isn't there? She may not be the most gifted actress (though she acquitted herself in fine comic style in 13 Going On 30) and she may bear a passing resemblance to Hilary Swank, but I still love her. And Timothy Olyphant? If he wants to tag team me with Julian McMahon, then who am I to say no?

And if Marky Mark wants to join the party, then I say let him. Wow, this post is making me sound so easy isn't it? Anyway, this movie looks like forgettable nonsense, but fun forgettable nonsense. As much as I want to see him naked, I haven't quite gotten over how bad his performance was in The Departed, nor gotten over the inexplicable love showered on him for it.

March 30th:

There are a fair few films opening today, but most of them I would rather gouge out my eyes than sit through. This is the only one I like the look of, mainly because I loved Monsoon Wedding and I quite like Kal Penn.

It seems March is a busy busy BUSY month for the movies. If only I weren't working 55 hours a week...

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