Monday, March 26, 2007

Hot Guy Monday: Stefan Booth

The original candidate for today's HGM has been bumped. Why? Over the weekend I watched Dancing On Ice: Champion Of Champions. It's a guilty secret that I love the ice skating and got addicted to this show last year as well as this year. Anyway, last year Stefan Booth came second and as well as being incredibly hot, he also came across in interviews as being absolutely lovely. So I was NOT HAPPY when he skated really well in the Champion Of Champions and was marked lowest by the judges. Lower than that vile beast Bonnie Langford and SHE FELL OVER. Anyway, before I go off into what would undoubtedly become a long and incoherent rant, let me interrupt myself. Ladies and Gentlemen, Stefan Booth:


dickygreenleaf said...

Hmmm...someone set his video! (that makes two of us). Best line all night was Schofield asking Bonnie, 'What happened?'. Ermm, Philip, did you not see the same performance as the rest of us???

Stefan is, indeed, VERY cute. Despite his skating skills, I always love the rehearsal footage when he's wearing the specs. I'm sure the fact that Kyran won softened the blow a little for you.

Eric said...

HOMINA! I need a moment alone.

Popcultureboy said...

Dickie, I watched the Sunday repeat as it happens. No need for faffing with the timer then. I'm still cross about the judges' results and likely will be for a very long time.

Stefan Fan said...

Totally agree with the marks for Stefan on DOI, he and Kristina deserved a lot higher score!

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