Monday, January 08, 2007

Instruction manuals scare me

Michigan Law Suit Abuse Watch recently announced their most ridiculously OTT warning label. Here it is:

That's right. Never put a person in a washing machine. Let that be a valuable lesson to all of you. It's scary that in these law suit happy climes, such a warning is necessary. And to think I was amused when we bought a dishwasher recently and it warned us that "dishwasher water is not for drinking". No shit, really?


Grouchbutt said...

And yet JetDry-tinis rock my world. But only with Grey Goose, of course.

dirk.mancuso said...

Let me get this straight: I can't get in the washer and I can't drink the dishwasher water?


Does this mean I can't take a nap in the oven or lounge in the dryer, either?

robb said...

my favorite is the windshield sun shields that gently ask you to remove said shield BEFORE driving. nazi bastards, i'll do it when i get around to it!