Friday, January 12, 2007

Best of times, worst of times

I'm going to be on a plane in like 18 hours. I'm a little bit freaked out. Last time I went to NY in November, I didn't have a good feeling about it all. To the degree that a little voice inside me told me to turn around and go home when I was checking in.

Well, in that vein, for the first time in two years, I have a bitch of an infected wisdom tooth. I am not registered with a doctor OR a dentist and I've been reduced to gargling with antiseptic, which is just the wrong side of no fun, let me tell you.

Counterbalancing that, I had some fantastic news today. Remember how I blogged a while back that I was going after my bank to reclaim the unauthorised overdraft charges, since these had been declared unlawful? My bank have rinsed me for £1046 in the last three years. They've had my complaint since mid November and I've been calling them weekly and making vaguely threatening noises if they don't give me a resolution asap. They wrote to me today to tell me they'll repay £846 of the charges. I could take it further and get it all back plus interest but fundamentally I don't want to drag it out any further. This is all an unexpected windfall so it's fine by me.

If ever there was a sign from the universe telling me that getting on the plane tomorrow was the right thing to do, this would be it.

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Will said...

Enjoy New York--that's my home town. I just found you today and I'll be back.