Thursday, January 04, 2007

I must live under a rock

Just reading over on Towleroad that the following celebrities had all marched out of the closet in 2006 and somehow I had NO IDEA that it had happened:

Darren Hayes
Michelle Rodriguez
Kristanna Lokken
Raul Esparza

And 2007 has started with a bang as Ian Watkins, aka H from Steps preceded his stint on Celebrity Big Brother (which I would rather gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon than watch 3 seconds of) with an interview confirming his homosexuality. Somehow I missed this as well. There were some on the list that I had been aware of (Neil Patrick Harris, TR Knight, Lance Bass etc) but the listed four passed me by totally. I would like to point out that I already knew they were all gayers because, well, I have eyes. That said gayness was announced to the world is news to me. But seriously, good for them. I'm a firm believer in the fact that the perception of homosexuality as evil needs to be altered from the ground up. People so firmly in the public eye coming out and being very "so what?" about it and having it not alter their career trajectory is a fine place to start.


Eric said...

Just for the record, Raul didn't come out as completely gay. It was more a bi thing if anything.
In truth, he sounds more confused than ever in confessing he likes guys (he did this in the New York Times interview profiling him in Company).

robb said...

also for the record, michelle r. didn't come out, her girlfriend did it for her. at least we know now why she was killed off LOST. umm, don't read that last sentence if you're not up to that part yet. better yet, just move to the US already and stop playing games. with my heart.

let me know when wentworth makes the announcement, k?

Dickygreenleaf said...

Also for the record, H comes over as a really nice guy in CBB. You should check it out and then borrow my rusty spoon.

chris said...

Yeah, Raul had this huge interview in the NY Times that really inferred bi leaning towards gay...I dunno, I don't really label him anyway. He's just not coy about things anymore. Though he did say to how the interview didn't go the way he thought it would, how he had no big intention of coming out, but that he also has no regrets.

dirk.mancuso said...

I read somewhere that Michelle and Kristanna were dating...did anyone see that?