Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Booker Dischord

I'm stopping my previously announced challenge to read all 19 books on the Booker Prize longlist. Why, I hear you ask. Well, because the shortlist blows. David Mitchell, who really should have won, hasn't made the cut. Claire Messud, whose utterly wonderful The Emperor's Children I am currently loving every page of, has been similarly dismissed. Edward St Aubyn, who I was sort of underwhelmed by and stated that I would be surprised to see him on the shortlist, is indeed on the shortlist. I mean, fine you were raped by your father from age 6 to 8 and then you had a massive heroin habit through college and into your 20's so it's a miracle you can even string a sentence together, but come on. So once I'm done with Ms Messud, I'll be reading something else. Probably Stephen King's new one, after the return to form of Cell.


Eric said...

That's the only problem with those lists.
God help me.
I'm reading a quite wonderful book right now called, "The Boy Detective Fails" by Joe Menud.
It's absolutely fascinating and I'm only a few chapters in.

Limecrete said...

Probably Stephen King's new one, after the return to form of Cell.

If by return to form, you mean inability to write an ending. Sorry. I like King's novels, but there are two things that drive me crazy about him, and that's one of them.