Thursday, August 03, 2006


My new iPod is here! Praise be. I had to call Apple yesterday and put my parts on about it though. See, my housemate (the crippled lesbian, I’ve mentioned her, right?) was home all day on Tuesday recovering from a long weekend visiting her grandparents. And when I checked the order online yesterday it said this:

2nd August – recipient unavailable for delivery, please contact us to rearrange delivery time.

The carriers? UPS. So I called Apple and explained how clearly they hadn’t attempted to deliver it as somebody was home all day. The following conversation then took place:

Apple Lady: Well that’s very strange that it says they attempted delivery then. Me: Only it’s not. UPS are notorious for saying they tried but nobody was home. They didn’t try. I’m home right now. It’s a block of flats with an entry phone. They buzz the phone, I’ll let them in, simple pimple.
Apple Lady: I’ll call UPS and ask them to contact the driver and inform them of all that for you and call you back when I’ve spoken to them.

Ten minutes later, Apple Lady called back to say she’d spoken to UPS and it should be with me shortly. Half an hour later, UPS man knocked on my door (how he actually got IN to the block of flats is a mystery) with the iPod. I don’t often get on my huffy bike, but apparently I’m quite effective when I do. The new iPod is sleek and gorgeous and I love it. The sound quality is SO much better than my old one too. Now I just have to complete the oh so boring task of transferring the music from my old iPod back into iTunes and then on to the new iPod. Oh and also uploading the album art for them all too.

I went to see Fool For Love in London yesterday, starring Juliette Lewis who I do love. Firstly it’s a flimsy little nothing of a play, running a scant 70 minutes (it says 75 in the program, but it started at 8:05pm and they were done with the bows a fraction before 9:15pm). The execution of the play doesn’t work. And the production has been frantically overdirected, as if in a bid to try and prevent us from noticing. And sadly Ms Lewis is horribly exposed. Her dialogue scenes with Martin Henderson (so dreamy) didn’t really spark, it was obviously a performance, she was obviously acting, you know? All surface and nothing underneath. She did nail the occasional moment and line reading and her monologue at the end was joyous to watch. But she has this way of standing and walking that is like watching an 8 year old trying on her mother’s stilettos that works for the characters she plays but is also oddly distracting. All in all, we can file this one under “misfire”. Shame.


Limecrete said...

God, I fucking hate UPS. I'm officially the last person on Earth without an iPod (and if I come into some luxury money, it'll be Tivo that claims my everlasting soul). Sigh.

robb said...

can i borrow your huffy bike sometime? mine seems to be broken.

Eric said...

hehe. Poppy, did you know my very first Bike was indeed Huffy brand?
That's coinky-dinkal!