Saturday, August 26, 2006

3 down, 16 to go

Finished my third book of the longlist the other night. It only really counts as the first of the challenge given that I'd read the other two before the list was published. Anyway, it's a wonderfully written book in some respects but none of the characters came into focus properly. It was all about them, yet there didn't seem to be room for them to breathe. Weird. I cut it a lot of slack purely because St Aubyn does have a masterful way with words (describing someone who never stopped talking, for example, he notes that "words drained out of her like an unplugged bath"). That being said, I'd be shocked, shocked I tell you, if this made it to the shortlist. I have now started on the new Jon McGregor, So Many Ways To Begin. I'm very much not enjoying it and if it doesn't buck itself up during my 2 hour round trip train journey to London today, it's going to find itself kicked to the kerb.

Yes, off to London today. Going to see The Last Five Years at the Menier, the most gorgeous little black box theatre in South London. I'm very much looking forward to it. I'll write a proper blog about it when I get back, though I can't promise when. I am going from the train to the leaving party for all the seasonal hire staff in the call centre from work which is going on until about 3am. I am then working from tomorrow clean through to next Saturday without a day off. So I'm gon' be one busy and very tired homosexual. But there will be posts about the theatre, the disappointing sex I had earlier this week and, given that her lesbian wedding is now fairly imminent, my sister.

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I think The Last Five Years is one of the two or three best musicals in the past decade. I really hope this is a good production. Tell us everything.