Monday, December 24, 2007

Hot Guy Monday: David Boreanaz

It's Christmas so I bring you an Angel. Ok, horrible puns aside, I do love me some David Boreanaz. I thought he was hot as all get out on Buffy, I loved him on Angel and currently he is the best thing about the surprisingly brilliant and consistently strong Bones. His chemistry with Emily Deschanel is off the chart and he's clearly having so much fun in the show. Love him. And look, see, he's really hot too.

But I also love him for being a more risk taking actor than he's really given credit for. The upcoming Suffering Man's Charity sees him tied to a chair in bondage gear and christmas tree lights and abused by Alan Cumming. See?

But if there were any doubt left, then a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show over here sealed the deal. Don't believe me? Start watching the clip below at the 1:20 mark for his reaction to and then demonstration of his dancing on the set of Bones. He's just adorable.

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