Tuesday, October 23, 2007

An Ugly start and a tough Break

Ok ok ok, I know it's a horribly punny title. But while I work on the multiple entries regarding my recent trip to NY, I wanted to pause and discuss the return of two of my favourite shows from last season.

In the UK, we don't usually start the US imports until January at the earliest as the crazed hiatuses American networks take means starting in the new year means we can run the season uninterrupted and finish only a little later than the US. But some channels here have brokered new "no delay" deals with networks in the US and we now get some of the shows very shortly after the US airdate. So two weeks before I left, Prison Break started here and the day I left, Ugly Betty returned.

Now, I awarded Betty my show of the year last year, but was furious at the unnecessarily grim season finale, especially the possible death of Santos. So you can imagine how much I fumed at the mean mean MEAN trick they pulled in the opening episode. So fucking cruel. They gave Santos such a great arc and made him so very sweet so WHY did they kill him off? While it was, in my opinion, entirely evil to do what they did in the opening episode, at least it gave Kevin Alejandro some closure (and I guess also left the door open for future appearances EVEN IF HE IS DEAD!).

The same cannot be said for poor Sarah Wayne Callies on Prison Break. Dr Sara Tancredi was easily my favourite character on the show (the other, Paul Kellerman met an expected death at the end of the last season). She was a much needed reality check in a totally ludicrous show and I just loved her. Well, apparently Ms Callies had herself something of a falling out with the producers of the show which led to her not returning for this season at all. A double in a wig was used for the few scenes Dr Tancredi was in before she was killed off, her head delivered in a box, which presumably has Andrew Kevin Walker talking to his lawyers.

Both shows have returned only to disappoint and depending on how they play out, I may not stick with them. What a shame.

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dirk.mancuso said...

Don't give up on UGLY BETTY just yet. This season has been one hell of a great ride so far (and the wedding episode may be their finest yet!)

As for PRISON BREAK...can't really argue with you there. I was heartbroken when they killed off Robin Tunney's character last year and this year they seem to be spinning their wheels BIG time.