Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ticket trauma

I blame the internet. It's been so long since I booked tickets over the phone that I had forgotten just how frustrating it can be.

A little backstory. I love PJ Harvey. I have since Rid Of Me was released and have been an ardent fan ever since. I have seen her live on several occasions, starting with the tour to promote To Bring You My Love. She has gotten better and better and the pre-release gigs for Uh Huh Her were truly phenomenal. I've been on her mailing list for ages and on Wednesday morning last week I checked my old email account to find out that a solo gig at the Royal Festival Hall has been scheduled for 29th September and tickets are on sale at 9am. You can book on the phone with the venue or with their website.

I ensured I was at my desk at five minutes to nine, logged in, website up and ready to go. At 9am, I refresh the screen, the gig isn't there. I continue to refresh until ten past nine when it's still not there I admit defeat and start calling. Of course, the phone lines are completely jammed and it takes me over half an hour to speak to someone. The entire time I am on hold, a helpful voice informs me every 15 seconds that my call is still in a queue and very important to them, however I might like to book online at their website. Every time they say this I refresh my screen and the gig is still not listed. After doing this multiple times, my temper begins to fray and I start talking to the automated message, saying things like "I can't", "well how can I if the gig I want isn't on the website?" and "for sobbing out loud would you JUST PUT ME THROUGH TO SOMEONE?" By the time I do actually get put through, the whole office is looking at me like I have gone insane. It's possible that I might have.

Luckily, the lady I was connected with was so very nice and helpful, and there were still tickets left, though not that many. So I got two tickets and all is right with the world. All the times I've seen her live, I've never seen her solo. I CANNNOT WAIT!

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