Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sex And The City headed for the big screen

That begs one very simple question: Why? Why is a show that was so of its time being given the big screen upgrade four years after its final season?

I was not a fan of the show. I tried on more than one occasion to watch it and after about ten minutes I wanted to poke my eyes out with a sharp stick and, figuring that a bit drastic, switched off the TV instead. Maybe my dislike stems from the fact this show has the entire world labouring under the impression that Sarah Jessica Parker is beautiful. Maybe I didn't watch any episodes that dealt with serious stuff in a heartfelt way, but lucked out with female ejaculation and funny tasting cum. The fact remains, I could not deal with watching this show.

There are some half hour comedies that I did love watching though. I don't want to see a big screen version of those either. Can you imagine a 90 minute movie of Will & Grace? Or Friends? It's a horrible idea, right? The thought of a flimsy little show writ large and stretched to almost four times its natural length made you feel a bit queasy didn't it? So WHAT THE HELL ARE HBO THINKING? Is it not enough that they randomly and indiscriminately cancel their best shows before their time, but they foist a show I am glad to finally see the back of on to the big screen for one last death gasp? Sigh.

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