Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I guess Isaiah Washington doesn't read my blog...

Grouchbutt and Limecrete have both got their wish. Stupid Dumb-Face Washington just will not shut up. In addition to the "I was fired because I'm black, and it was all TR Knight's fault anyway" nonsense he's been spouting, he's now started saying that he tried to resign in the wake of Faggotgate but Shonda Rimes wouldn't let him. Yes, mean old Shonda refused to let him resign JUST SO SHE COULD FIRE HIM.

And now, having blamed TR Knight, he's decided to also blame Patrick Dempsey. Apparently Mr Dempsey's constant on set tardiness pissed off Stupid Dumb-Face so much he just had to say something. And Patrick got really angry about it, causing Stupid Dumb-Face to get all up in his business and use many expletives and insults, including faggot, which wasn't meant as a gay slur, but to refer to someone who is weak. Oh well that's alright then.

Firstly, Dumb-Face, are you ten? It wasn't me it was him, he started it. Dear God. Second of all, who the fuck cares if people are late to set? It's not YOUR job to make sure everyone is punctual, is it? Rather than deciding to be all noble and take up the Tardy Cause yourself, you could have had a word with people higher up, who in turn could have spoken with Patrick about his shoddy timekeeping. I'm just saying. Seriously, drop the whole "I was trying to do a good thing and it went bad so everyone else is at fault except me" bullshit and shut the fuck up.

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Eric said...

PErsonally, I just LOVE that idiots still seem to believe that calling someone "gay" to mean weak or stupid isn't connected to being, you know, a HOMO!
As a notorious gay rabble-rouser (his name's Ragan Fox, look him up) said (and I paraphrase): that's like me going off on calling someone the n-word just to mean "oh, you know, a stupid person, someone who's just a dumb fucking idiot."