Saturday, April 08, 2006

Alcohol and iPods

How funny that Grouchbutt mentioned in his blog about how great it is when your iPod plays the song you love and how dumb it is to think that because you loaded the iPod with the music in the first place. See, on Thursday night I went out and I got very drunk and on the 45 minute walk home, I listened to my iPod. On my iPod there is a playlist simply titled Miscellaneous which contains B sides, album tracks from albums I didn't like enough to load the whole thing on and also CD singles and downloaded stuff. In other words, miscellany. Anyway, it's 81 tracks long and I decided to put it on shuffle on my walk home and it played me the following:

This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us - Sparks
There Are Worse Things I Could Do - Alison Moyet
Privilege To Pee - Urinetown
...Baby One More Time - Travis
The Queen & The Soldier (Live) - Suzanne Vega
Unforgivable Sinner - Lene Marlin
All The Wasted Time - Parade

ALL of which I haven't heard in ages and all of which made me very happy. But the last song there, from Parade, I was so drunk and the last part of my walk home is through a park that at pushing midnight was devoid of people. And when I get drunk, I could out-lip synch Lypsinka. And I love All The Wasted Time. And I got terribly carried away in my drunken state. It was fun.

And I needed some fun after what has been a very intense week and included a visit to the cinema to see Basic Instinct 2, a review of which will be coming later today, along with a more detailed overview of my week.

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