Monday, March 03, 2008

I just hate Diablo Cody

I'm sure there are a lot of struggling screenwriters who watched the vastly overrated Juno and Cody's unjust Oscar win and were thinking murderously hateful and jealous thoughts. My reasons for wanting to slap her stupid face whenever I see it has nothing to do with being jealous. I just think she's a moron.

First of all, her reaction to the publicity about the million dollar shoes she was due to wear at the Oscars was hilarious. To think, the designer would use her for publicity. Shocking! How could they? Cody blogged about how she was pissed and felt taken advantage of and so she ditched the shoes at the last minute. It's a good thing she did, really, as those million dollar shoes would have clashed something awful with her $50 dress, rightly fugged by those fabulous Fug Girls.

And now, to commemorate her undeserved success for the underwhelming movie she wrote, Cody wants to get a tattoo. Of Ellen Page's face. Not the movie title or something understated and simple like that. Nope. Ellen Page's face. She thinks it would look great. What it would actually look like is cheap and desperate. In which case, it'll fit right in.

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