Saturday, February 23, 2008

Simultaneously over AND under the weather

I have grown to really hate UK weather of late. We don't seem to have seasons any longer, I haven't seen snow since 2005 and generally I am just over it. We have had another warm winter with occasional cold snaps (thank God there's no such thing as global warming, right Mr Bush?) rather than the long stretch of germ killing cold we so desperately need. And the past couple of weeks has been bright sunny sunshine during the day and then the second the sun goes, the temperature has dropped through the floor. This makes the fact I am walking to work in the sun and home in the dark something of a clothing headache.

And of course, the erratic changes in temperature have wreaked havoc on my immune system and I have come down with a cold. Not sick enough to stay home from work on a justifiable level, I have been feeling rubbish all week. Just how rubbish and tired and blah was underlined for me last night when I went to watch this week's Reaper that I had recorded, only to discover instead of taping an hour and two minutes of television, I had taped four minutes. Bitter.

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