Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hot Guy Monday*: Bret Harrison

*Yes, I know it's Sunday but my internet connection has been off and on all week (more off than on) and driving me insane. It's back at the moment so I thought I would strike while the iron was hot.

Anyway, I have started watching and am thoroughly enjoying Reaper. I am heartened that, now the writer's strike is over, it's one of the freshman shows gearing back up for more episodes (which is more than can be said for the likes of Bionic Woman). Anyway, as much as I am enjoying how funny and dark the show is, my enjoyment is undeniably enhanced by the incredibly easy on the eye Bret Harrison in the title role.

There's apparently some contractual clause whereby he has to take his shirt off every week. Fine by me.

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Jonathan R said...

I'm glad to see you love the show. I'm not affiliated, but I write about the show at Reaper News.

I've seen lots of comments on how hot Bret Harrison is. I think even some mature women who came for Ray Wise, are thinking Cougar-thoughts.

Cheers, and all my best!