Friday, January 11, 2008

Oh it's a jolly holiday with PCB

I'll be leaving in a few hours to go to the airport. Whee! Nine whole days of relaxing in the sun in Tenerife. I can't wait. Going from this

to this

for a week and a bit is not to be sniffed at. And it's funny I should mention sniffing since I have started to come down with a lovely cold and have spent the morning alternating between packing my suitcase and sneezing. Brilliant. I'm sure I'll perk up. The crazy disabled lesbian is already there, having spent a few days on La Gomera at the health retreat (where she managed to lose her room key and destroy an ornamental candle holder by, of course, setting it on fire. So business as usual then), before joining me for 9 days with my parents. It does mean 9 days of no blogging as my internet access is going to be massively limited, but I'll be back on the 21st to bore everyone with tales of sunshine and laziness.

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