Friday, May 11, 2007


Cate Blanchett's entirely terrifying appearance is for the title role in the upcoming Cancer Vixen. Her involvement in the project was announced as early as last September so I don't know how I managed to miss it. It doesn't feature on her IMDb page, other than in the message boards though. ANYWAY, point is she's not fallen foul of the insanity sweeping through Hollywood, rather she's doing a Christian Bale. Albeit, for what sounds like a more worthwhile project.

Many of the comments left on the post I made about her appearance pointed me towards articles detailing the project and one person stated that their first thought was "she's doing it for a role". It's funny that the anorexia epidemic in Hollywood has reached such a horrifying level that my first thought when I see a newly thin celebrity is never "that must be for a role" it's always "fucking hell, Rachel Zoe got to you too?"


Eric said...

Ooh, Pop, looks like a Google Alert of "Cate Blanchett being assaulted" brought all the anonymous whip-crackers onto your blog! :-)
But, yeah, I knew she was doing it for a role, too. Even though she's stupidly skinny on a normal day, she looks good and you know she is just the kind of person who, after a day on a set, heads off and chows down into the biggest burger she can find.

Grouchbutt said...

she's doing a Christian Bale

lucky bitch...